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Over 50 and ready to buy, sell, rent or relocate? 

We help 50+ real estate buyers and sellers look at the big picture, factoring in financial issues and current and future care needs, to ensure that each client arrives at the best decision about selling a property and finding a new home.  We recognize the emotional dimension associated with selling a beloved family property and approach clients and family members with patience and empathy

We understand that housing needs change throughout our lives. “First-generation” retirees may want less to take care of, and “Second generation” retirees may need more support and services. We work with Premier Senior Living Communities and will be more than happy to discuss your options.

Many seniors stay in their old homes and are perfectly content to be there.  Others find their thoughts turning to a new home, perhaps even to a completely new way of life. Still, others remain in their familiar homes while they are independent, but plan ahead to move to assisted living housing when they need it.

Taunee in her capacity serving as Chair of Professional Development/Education at Greater Los Angeles REALTORS Association (11,000 members) ensures that her fellow Realtors are offered all the available certifications and designations so that they are as educated as possible in order to best serve their communities. One of her favorite designations that she ensures is annually taught at her Association is the Senior Real Estate Specialist (which she herself has been certified for YEARS) which she also brings in Reverse Mortgage specialists to provide additional education to her fellow Realtors. “The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation gives you the knowledge and expertise to guide homebuyers and sellers over the age of 50 through major financial and lifestyle transitions. Start gaining the resources that will help you better serve seniors.

“The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation gives you the knowledge and expertise to guide homebuyers and sellers over the age of 50 through major financial and lifestyle transitions. Start gaining the resources that will help you better serve seniors.”

Here are a few things to consider if you or older family members have reached the point where a retirement move might be the best strategy:

    Are you rattling around in your “empty nest,” paying more than you want for taxes, utilities, and maintenance? If retirement means a cut in income, would a lower-priced home, townhome, or condominium be easier to manage on your resources?
    For some older owners, the equity built up in a home is their main retirement savings. Sometimes a move is needed to convert that equity into cash and income to be secure for the years to come.
    Do you have the time, energy, or interest to paint, clean, mow, etc.? Will the roof need replacing soon, or the heating/AC need repair?
    Are there too many steps or stepdown rooms in your current home? do you need a wheelchair accessible residence? Is the yard more than you can handle? Are the safety, security, lighting, heating/AC systems adequate for retirement?
    If friends, relatives, neighbors, doctors, and merchants have gone, maybe it’s time for you to consider moving also.
    Do you want to spend more time with your children and grandchildren? Maybe you would like to cut down on long trips to visit them, or perhaps you need regular assistance from a family member.
    If extensive traveling appeals to you, for example, you may want to relocate to a more economical, lower-maintenance home (“lock and leave,” as we say in real estate). You may want to be more conveniently located for activities such as golf, bridge clubs, walking trails. Or you may just want to move near old friends–or to a community where you can make new friends with interests similar to yours.

Careful planning and sound, expert advice are crucial to a successful move. Consult your financial adviser or accountant–and please feel free to call us at 310/99HOUSE (994-6873)  about your real estate options.  We will be happy to listen to your needs to learn how we can help.


Whether it has been many years since you sold or bought a house or just one, we specialize in listening to your concerns, answering your questions, and explaining how today’s ever-changing real estate market can affect your lifestyle and financial planning.


For home buying or home selling assistance-in our area or elsewhere–please give us a call at 310/99HOUSE (994-6873). We are experts in local real estate, and through a nationwide network of relocation specialists, we can refer you to top quality real estate professionals in other locations.
Here’s to you living your life to the fullest!

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P.S. About Taunee English, Senior Real Estate Specialist of By the N$MBERS Lionesses:
She is a devoted daughter to her parents – a mother that she plays Twinsie with fashion photo shoots at least three times a year and a father who has the onset of Alzheimer. Which prompted Taunee to obtain her certificate in Fiduciary Management from UC Riverside, and to further her work with families in establishing trusts so that their final home is one of their choosing and not the courts.


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