Re: Letter of Testimonial – 410 Evelyn Place, Beverly Hills, California

Dear Janine, I am more than happy to write this Letter of Testimonial on your behalf in support of your expertise in the area of residential property valuations. With regard to the above-referenced residence, you were one of three brokers who produced for me a Broker Opinion of Value. Your analysis was by far the most thorough that I received . . . and additionally the ultimate sale of the property proved that your recommended list price, projected strike price and marketing time were all absolutely correct. Even though the Evelyn Place residence was a tough one to comp for many reasons, your determination that the best way to determine value was to “bracket the home with properties that have pluses and minuses that balance out in relation to the subject property” was exactly the way to go. After reviewing your work, I was not surprised to learn that you have an Economics degree from Stanford with an emphasis in Mathematics. Finally, as important to me as the quality of the work was, the energetic way you approached the assignment and your cheerful demeanor made it a pleasure to work together. If there is anyone considering you for a new assignment that would like to speak with me directly, please do not hesitate to give them my contact information. Best of luck to you going forward.


Thomas K. Olson Managing

Director or Brokerage Services

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